“Diversity Cheerleaders”

2 thoughts on ““Diversity Cheerleaders””

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    JHK: Your scenario is as much your personal narrative as mine is. Anyway, my main argument in all this diversity chat is that this society needs to redevelop an idea of common culture. It doesn’t have to be white / brown, male / female. But it should be about, for instance, speaking English coherently and forging a consensus about what constitutes decent behavior. Right now, we’re in the era of “Anything goes and nothing matters.” — James Howard Kunstler, Author of The Long Emergency and the World Made By Hand novels.

  2. The problem is you don’t seem to understand that you’re every bit as narrow-viewed as the person you’re critiquing. Maybe on the West Coast ethnicity and race is blurred but not in the rest of this country. We don’t have people who are like 1/8th Hispanic because their white father or white mother married another race. We have two groups of almost purely their one ethnic group marrying each other in an interracial marriage. What you describe is the situation in privileged, middle class or higher type of neighborhoods, not in those of the working class and other normal folk. We have distinct communities of Hispanic, black, Italian, Irish, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian/Middle Eastern, Russian, etc… not some blended neighborhood where the only connection is having money.

    The East Coast township I’m from is probably every bit as diverse as anywhere on the West Coast, and very few of those kids are “part” anything. You don’t want to admit it, but you live in a part of the country where privileged white people still rule everything, even if they won’t admit it or acknowledge it.

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