Oakland: Emeryville (ish)

2 thoughts on “Oakland: Emeryville (ish)”

  1. The Emery-Go-Around is free to everyone and is funded by local businesses. Also there is the Emeryville Public Market which is on the other side of the Amtrak station which allows people to grab a quick bite. On Saturdays we have food trucks that are located in the same parking lot as the public market. Plus Emeryville has a nice marina. On the 4th of July you can go there and watch fireworks from either SF (if it’s not foggy), Richmond, and Oakland. Since the area geographically is small, our police officers do a great job patrolling the area and making it safe. And lastly, Emeryville is very close to the bay bridge so getting to SF is rather convenient.

    1. Emeryville has more and better transit than 98% of the rest of North America. So I agree that what’s on offer is better than the usual – which is almost nothing. But that’s very different from saying that Emeryville is actually really great… It gets points for being substantially less crappy than most places. And truth be told, that’s just because it’s right next to San Francisco and Berkeley. If Emeryville were the same distance from downtown Fresno it would just be another piss poor town with some outlet malls and low grade office parks. I’m just sayin’.

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