Authoritarian Planning Regimes

5 thoughts on “Authoritarian Planning Regimes”

  1. I find it quite odd how ‘free’ Americans think they are, compared to the obvious restrictions everywhere. People don’t realize it but every new law is also a tax; there’s permits to be paid for if you want to do ANYthing, licenses with more fees, and god forbid you should break a law, you will need a lot of money for the lawyer, the fines, and just think what even a few week’s jail time might cost you; your job, your ‘standing’ in the community, and the possibility of ever working at a job again. We have over 2 million laws, more are being added all the time, and there’s not a single cop, judge or citizen that can keep track of them all; and yet we’re all at risk of ‘breaking’ them.

    Johnnie, I have seen your Hawaii video several times and watched with enthusiasm, until I found out you ended up running into the problems with the code Nazis (as I call them). I’m going to try somewhat the same thing completely off grid in rural California, we’ll see how well it turns out.

    1. Hey Dawn. Yes, I was given fifteen years of trouble from the county building department in Hawaii. It was less malicious government “Nazi” activity and more a matter jumping through a million hoops, sorting out ridiculous opaque rules, procedures, regulations, and shifting personalities at all the various authorities. In the end the cottage was approved and made legal. It just wasn’t fun. On the other hand, the cottage has been lived in and enjoyed all along. The moral of the story is that you CAN build your own mortgage-free home with very little money and no experience. It just takes forever to get right with the people in control who are compelled to micromanage you into oblivion. I now understand why so few people ever even try and why most homes in America are so standardized. If I had it to do over again I’d build something even smaller and less expensive that didn’t even have a real foundation. I could have build a really high quality “garden shed” with nice furniture and minimal infrastructure and spent my time and money gardening instead of paying a lot of high priests to satisfy the folks at the county offices.

  2. Eric, Yes, Doris really did have to sneak around the retirement community with all the Gladys Kravitz types peeking through their Venetian blinds. She can’t be the only one… I’ve never heard of the Sammy Keyes books. Teenaged detective? Sounds fun.

  3. Great post.

    A propos of Doris, have you read the Sammy Keyes books (for kids)? Sammy is in Doris’s position. I thought this was a clever plot device dreamed up by the author–but I suppose a lot of kids might have similar experiences. Wow!

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