Two Sides of the Same Coin: Decline and Gentrification

2 thoughts on “Two Sides of the Same Coin: Decline and Gentrification”

  1. Well, no, gentrification and decline are not two sides of the same coin. And while you might live in SF, you appear to know little about the Mission. White flight was not an issue, and the Mission has always been an entry level neighborhood for new immigrants, except for Asian-Americans, which the Mission never had many of. It also wasn’t welcoming to LGBT people. It didn’t go into huge decline, and it wasn’t noisy and ugly. It wasn’t ignored by city authorities. Even this is wrong: “Evictions and property conversions have skyrocketed.” The numbers simply aren’t that great, especially compared to new construction and units left empty because of rent control laws that have no means testing. When real estate in the Mission was reasonably priced, many of the existing families chose not to purchase. Those who did are making a killing selling at the high prices. Under today’s so-called “gentrification,” the Mission is much more diverse, cleaner, and safer.

  2. I have enjoyed your website and commentary since joining. I have never been to the USA but hope to soon. In the meantime, the parallels to Australian city life is all too familiar. We may not have supposedly suffered the same downturn since the GFC but I see decline around me and new ways of moving forward. I hope to soon have a chance to personally visit the USA and see its many wonders, changes and oddities.

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