4 thoughts on ““Solutions””

  1. What an incredible waste. But when I see how much money big businesses routinely blow on white elephant and speculative projects, I chuckle at the notion that big business is so much more “efficient” than say, government. Both waste huge amounts of money. I blame big business subsidies for much of the decline of small business and entrepreneurial activity.

  2. “The problem with the standard products that are routinely smeared across the North American landscape is that they stopped functioning a long time ago, but no one knows how to do anything else. ”
    That is “Generica” generic America corporate retail store villages and buildings.

    “When growth stops and the population levels off or begins to decline (as in the case here) then the new big box stores are simply cannibalizing existing businesses.”
    Also called “retail strip mining” -sucking the money out of the local economy and sending it to the shareholders or billionaire relatives of the company’s founder.

  3. I want someone to use all that endless parking lot for farmer’s markets and a massive aquaponics setup – you could train the local kids to do AP and make a living at it (not to mention train them in biology, chemistry, botany and a dozen other topics) and feed the community in the process. Uses 5% of the water of normal dirt farming, which in California is going the way of the dodo bird.

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