Land Use Regulations and “Social Engineering”

5 thoughts on “Land Use Regulations and “Social Engineering””

  1. This is a really good point. All of our zoning codes are a form of ‘social engineering’. I often hear that term used by the anti-Agenda-21 crowd who express outrage that they will be forced to live in higher density, mixed-use environments. I’m not forcing anyone to live anywhere. You want to live in your suburban tract house, or 40 acres in the country and get in your car to drive everywhere, good for you. What about those of us that don’t want that? What about those of us that want a walkable, transit rich location. We have very limited options, which is why places like San Francisco are so prohibitively expensive.

  2. You have good points. In some parts of California you have very high population density with hardly any high rises ,for example,Santa Ana California which has several people occupy an apartment or older tract house. I tell this to conservatives that maybe high rise condos for the well to do might have less density than low rise and tract houses that have lots of immigrants. Santa Ana was first created to have low population density and lots of tract houses. Latino immigrants moved in and couldn’t afford to own or rent the houses or apartments without other families, so population density in Santa Ana is much higher than Portland Oregon. Portland Oregon was created for more of an urban environment but the population density is only 6,000 per square miles versus about 11,500 for Santa Ana. There is a lot of odd things that occur that people don’t think I changed about section 8 housing since Anglo were getting it not just gang banger Latinos which conservative believe all the time.

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