Strong Towns and Strong Households

5 thoughts on “Strong Towns and Strong Households”

    1. Point well taken, but the distinction between Days Park, Arlington Park, and Allentown would be lost on anyone who doesn’t actually live in that part of Buffalo. The Photos include Todd’s house (one house in from Days Park directly around the corner), one of Todd in front of a fountain (that fountain is in the center of Days Park), and a row of homes with front porches that face Days Park. The other homes are in fact on Arlington Park two blocks away as well as some shops on Allen Street a couple of blocks the other way. I don’t think I was misrepresenting the neighborhood in any way given the tiny scope. Everything in all those photos were within a five minute walk.

  1. I LOVE this post. These examples of people like me make it seem so attainable to live a Strong Towns life that is happy, prosperous and free of financial stress. Thanks for telling these stories, Johnny.

    1. I completely agree. I’ve never even thought about approaching things this way even though once I read this article it seemed so obvious. I’m very inspired to approach things this way in my own city of Indianapolis.

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