The Green House

7 thoughts on “The Green House”

  1. Very nice, but these types of creative developments are banned from most of California, Oregon, and Washington, due to Growth Management. For example, in Oregon, if you want to build on your own farmland in the countryside, you have to make $80,000 per year (from the crops) just to live on your farmland. Oregon Officials, want to cram people into “Smart Growth Towers” within “Urban Growth Boundaries,” instead of establishing unique architecture with organic farms in the countryside.

    I would think that Oregon Officials, would wish to promote green architecture and mini-farms on 5 acre parcels, for those of us interested in becoming self-sufficient and off the grid. However, sadly this is not the case, and you have to go all the way to Northern New Mexico or Colorado, to find cheap land without income requirements for farmers, and the growing season is only 5 months long.

    So far, the proponents of “Smart Growth” and “New Urbanism” are adamant about maintaining strict, urban growth boundaries here in the CA, OR, and WA. A 5 acre property in a county with less regulations, such as Placer, Butte, or El Dorado counties in CA, might cost several hundred thousand dollars. It would cost a million or more in Sonoma, Yolo, or Marin Counties.

      1. Johnny – I do not think it is all about compromise; I think it is about tyrrany. You cannot be an organic farmer and make $80,000 in the State of Oregon. The average wage for most farmers is $50,000. The link below is for a Republican think tank who opposes the rule. Why do the Republicans – as in this case – always side with those of us who have Environmental viewpoints, just so that they can pretend to be environmentalists? No different than the Republican contractors, who finance the campaigns of Democrats with dark money, so they can build their out of scale smart growth towers on superblocks (your word on your other post), where I did comment.

        1. Ah yes… tyranny, corruption, graft… That’s what’s wrong with Scottsdale. If only we could clean up politics and eliminate corporate greed everything would be perfect! Or maybe not… Every society throughout history has dealt with the same problems. Some of them produce great places to live and some of them produce crap. Here’s my latest post. It’s possible you wouldn’t want to live in a place like this because there isn’t enough tyranny to keep the neighbors under control.

  2. Wow, how fabulous to live like that with the outdoors inside. Thanks for showing that this beautiful place didn’t just pop up overnight and that it took a long time to transition into what it is now.

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