“Yo No Soy Una Puta Mierda”

5 thoughts on ““Yo No Soy Una Puta Mierda””

  1. Los Angeles! I miss you sometimes.
    The smell of gasoline, tropical flowers and pupuserias…
    The grimy stucco box on stilts where I found love & acceptance…
    That hard plastic bench, waiting for the bus that never came.
    Indecipherable scripts on strip mall signage and the tasty treats that lie within…
    Islands of civilization with cute names like “Larchmont Village” and “Hennessey + Ignalls”
    But who am I to judge? L.A. is, if anything, non- judgemental.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Johnny. I’m intrigued by your views on adaptive re-use and infill projects in suburban locales. It’s a vexing but deeply important issue in California. The New Urbanists tend to focus on the obvious low-hanging fruit in the urban core with historic architecture. Most of us don’t live in neighborhoods like that and couldn’t afford to. But there is a case to be made for re-imagining/re-purposing the inner ring in a way that is not dismissive of families with yards and cars. I particular enjoyed your posts on Santa Rosa and Dublin, as I grew up in Mendocino County and driven through there many times.

    1. I give praise where praise is due. As for suburban infill… I’m about to post some stories from Dallas which is similar to LA, only they don’t have mountains to get in the way of endless horizontal expansion and their water problem is slightly less acute then LA’s, at least for the moment. There will be plenty of suburban infill and retrofit stuff to mull over – including a gentle critique of the Congress for New Urbanism.

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