Pennsauken’s Crescent Boulevard

4 thoughts on “Pennsauken’s Crescent Boulevard”

  1. In China, there are a lot of fences or hedges, both in the middle of the street and between the street and the sidewalk, to keep people from running into the street (or “stroad”)

  2. The frustrating thing is that this could be fixed in a month for a few million dollars.

    Run a demolition crew through. Rip out the bridges. Rip out the fences. Rip out the surface. Put in a street with one driving lane each way, one parking lane each way, a median, sidewalks, and bike lanes. Put lights or 4-way stops at each intersection.

    I’ve seen this done. It’s fascinating driving down route 17C from Union NY to Binghamton NY because each municipality has a different policy. Union is gorgeous, one lane each way, and obviously retrofitted recently. Endicott is bad, two very narrow lanes each way and obviously 1950s, but at least sidewalks and crosswalks. The gap between Endicott and Endwell is the worst sort of State DOT “nobody walks, right?” asphalt nightmare with no walking paths, slip lanes, etc. Endwell is back to 1950s two-lanes-each-way. And then Johnson City and Binghamton are preserved pre-war Main St. one-lane-each-way.

    Even closer to me, the Town of Cortlandville insisted on widening route 281 to a hideous two-lane-each-way traffic nightmare. Where it goes through the City of Cortland, they refused to widen it and it goes back to being one lane each way.

    Deliberate policies by specific local governments are quite obvious. Particularly when an old road crosses municipal boundaries and you can see the change, bang, right there.

  3. I basically never see anybody using those pedestrian overcrossings. Even for the physically able, they’re very inconvenient – 2 or more stories up; how often do you see shops on a third floor not accessible by elevator? Why are they still being built? Not too long ago they widened a freeway near my house and built one of these (far worse than the one in your pic, of course, because the freeway is much bigger). Why? It’s a total waste of money, and everybody knew it by then.

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