What If Singapore and Las Vegas Had a Love Child?

8 thoughts on “What If Singapore and Las Vegas Had a Love Child?”

  1. Good photos too, showing sides of Dubai that don’t usually appear in media coverage. I am curious how guest workers move about the city; the metro and tram systems have been built at an impressively fast rate and the bus system has reasonable coverage, although many suburbs have no service at all.

    1. The first phase of transportation infrastructure in Dubai was entirely car oriented. Houston on anabolic steroids. But no matter how wide the highways were or how often the roads were expanded traffic kept getting worse. The leadership realized the need for mass transit and built a high quality rail system that parallels the highways. The people who use the train are mostly tourists and higher wage workers. The majority of the workforce can’t afford the trains (a day pass costs about $10) and the train doesn’t go to the labor housing camps on the edge of town. So most workers take designated shuttle buses provided by their employer. They’re basically old school busses.

  2. Like many things and situations, Dubai will work until it doesn’t. But it would be fascinating to see it at this point in time. Lucky you! I am a big fan of Masdar City in the UAE, which I would also like to see while times are good. Am also feeling an urgent need to tour Miami (and the Florida Keys) soon enough to not need a snorkel suit for good viewing. But no plans at the moment. Sigh. Of all luxuries, perhaps travel is the best. (At least it’s the one I indulge in when I can.)

  3. Very insightful. I’ve cleaned toilets, edged lawns and worried about things like Rent vs. a button up shirt to wear to the interview.

    So I’m very very hesitant to criticize anyone choosing order over chaos of any kind. Worrying about Walkscore is a luxury.

  4. Great reflections Johnny. I really liked your piece about india as well. having traveled there several times now, including time spent studying urbanization there… it taught me a lot about our failures to do incrementalism or self-built cities in the orderly but dumb west.

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