History Doesn’t Necessarily Repeat, But It Rhymes

3 thoughts on “History Doesn’t Necessarily Repeat, But It Rhymes”

  1. McMansion suburbs are essentially broken unless you have a car, and their housing stock was never built to last more than a generation – anything after that is borrowed time.

    1. Yes and no.

      If the McMansion subdivisions happen to be in the right location, have access to local productive enterprises, water, energy, and a cohesive population… even the crappiest buildings can be retrofitted over time.

      For example, I’m confident that Mormons will respond appropriately within the confines of their own communities. All those Utah suburbs will adapt to future circumstances in a pragmatic fashion. Church elders will encourage people to do whatever is necessary to preserve families and thrive. That might involve home businesses being run out of those McMansion three car garages and bonus rooms. It could also take the form of victory gardens and orchards on every front lawn, landscaped berm, and golf course.

      It’s entirely possible for even the worst sprawl to endure pleasantly under the right circumstances. But it probably won’t play out like that in most places. In general people will simply migrate to a place where life is better. Who knows where that might be in fifty years?

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