Living a Resilient Life

4 thoughts on “Living a Resilient Life”

  1. All wonderful advice. I’ve found, though, that the people in my life who need this advice (the minority, fortunately) don’t seem to listen to it.

  2. So many people don’t know how to live below their means. They get things because they feel they deserve to have them when all they are doing is creating a financial nightmare for themselves. This is an excellent post where you give sound advice. Let’s hope those people listen.

  3. I would just add keep your health up so you’re not dependent on expensive drugs/doctor visits/procedures to stay alive and functional. Easy way to do this is to walk 30 minutes a day. Significantly reduces occurrence (by 40 – 60%) of heart disease, a half-dozen forms of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression, osteoporosis, stroke, high blood pressure. Boosts immune system, helps you fall and stay asleep, and combats arthritis and lower back pain. Best wonder drug there is. And free!

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