Super Bowl City

3 thoughts on “Super Bowl City”

  1. I’m so looking over to the hoopla being over. Why San Francisco ever wanted to host the Super Bowl is beyond me. As I remember, we SF taxpayers did pass a $100 million bond to build a new football stadium in 1997, but the project ended up going nowhere due to owner incompetence. Happy to have the stadium now in Santa Clara, but I think the team should have to rename itself the Santa Clara 49ers.

  2. I work down there. What a mess. Seems like they hired out of town TSA types. Add in drunk idiots, snipers, corporate sponsors, a few washed up celebrities and stir. Ironically, the result is that #SBCity is the least “city” thing possible. Well, unless you’re counting Universal City. In that case, bring on the $20 hot dogs.

    As for the municipal debt angle, yeah new stadiums are boondoggles. We know that. But this isn’t rational. For most men, not supporting “our” team with tax dollars is equivalent to pulling a Caitlyn Jenner at halftime. You are a man, right?

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