Problems We Don’t Really Want To Solve

4 thoughts on “Problems We Don’t Really Want To Solve”

  1. Why do you tag some of these posts “Aaron Renn”? His name isn’t in the text. He’s a good guy and a Christian man. You are a good guy, probably not the latter.

    1. Aaron Renn, Joel Kotkin, and Chuck Marohn are all people I read and like (for different reasons and on different subjects) so I tag most stories with their names. I’m nominally Catholic, but don’t practice. My feelings on religion lean heavily toward the pragmatic community-building problem-solving types. Roll up your sleeves, stir the soup pot, feed the hungry… I like the best aspects of old school Catholics, Mormons, Sikhs, Jews, Lutherans… whatever. However, I have zero patience for sanctimonious I’m Better Than You Heathens, My God Is Better Than Your God self serving crap.

  2. «A larger and larger proportion of the American population of all colors is slipping from comfortable middle class status to a state of reduced circumstances.»

    They have been asset stripping themselves eagerly, and thinking themselves winners thanks to that. They have always thought “screw everybody else”, without realizing that “everybody else” was thinking of screwing them too.

    «Many of the folks who always believed they could buy their way in to the better places are now finding themselves in the lesser envirnoments – the kinds of situations they were happy to impose on others in the past. And they’re really pissed off about it.»

    But what are they gonna do about it? The USA is full of self-loathing losers.

    The only hope is perhaps that the elites change their attitude. But a large part of the elites have been busy asset stripping large parts of the country and building themselves “gated communities” to retreat to. I think that the elites have been applying the Bain Consulting Group “matrix” not just to businesses but to whole areas of the USA:

    Try to imagine all those MBAs applying the BCG matrix to the built environment.

  3. My kids visited their cousins in San Francisco a few years ago and witnessed a completely gratuitous police tasering. Neither wants to live in America any more. My daughter, who was 13 at the time, said to me that the worst thing was that none of the bystanders really seemed to care.

    Homelessness, a broken healthcare system, police and criminal justice out of control, dirty run down dangerous cities, traffic deaths, growing inequality, falling median income, gun deaths, a drug overdose epidemic, a completely chaotic immigration system, the collapse of the education system, insane levels of foreign debt, messed up public finances, a democratic system that is broken on multiple levels, a financial system unreformed despite a recent massive meltdown, the list goes on.

    People may debate how problematic each of these issues are, but everyone agrees that none really need to be solved.

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