No One Will Ever Inherit Great Grandma’s Particleboard Furniture

A friend of mine has a wooden dresser she inherited from her family. It was handed down generation after generation since it was first made in Austria in 1805. This piece of furniture has seen two centuries of history. It served through the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It survived both the First and Second World Wars. It’s … Continue reading No One Will Ever Inherit Great Grandma’s Particleboard Furniture

Super Bowl City

I headed downtown to check out Super Bowl City today. I was expecting the usual street fair with live music, hot dogs, cotton candy, and kitschy souvenirs. Instead I hit a wall of security. Literally. The Super Bowl Village is well fortified with serious airport style security. It’s impossible to just wander in. Heavily patrolled … Continue reading Super Bowl City

The Infrastructure Cult

If you want to travel between San Francisco and the nearby town of Sausalito you can certainly drive. Many people do. But traffic is miserable and parking at either end is frustrating. Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to ride a bicycle over the Golden Gate Bridge. An entire ecosystem of small companies has sprung up to … Continue reading The Infrastructure Cult