Hard Infrastructure

9 thoughts on “Hard Infrastructure”

  1. That last paragraph is saddening, Johnny. So far, at least, there has not been much old guard opposition to some of the tentative ideas we are floating in our town. I think people realize that there is room for change in the corridor.

    1. The actuarial tables will do most of the heavy lifting over the next fifteen years in terms of the old guard. The question is how much can be accomplished in the meantime? Or how much more might the town fall behind and be passed over for a better more dynamic location? In the end I’m a big believer in letting things fail if people can’t get their crap together. Failure fixes itself.

      1. Well, most people think they are on the right side of righteousness, whether they are backward or forward looking, so I am not sure how this choice of terms helps.

  2. It’s so sad that people trying to do the right thing, doing what really needs to be done to make our public places better (not even good, but just less horrible), still get pounded into the sand by bigoted NIMBY busybodies and the politicians they elect. It only takes one or two people like that in an entire town to bring a good project to a screeching halt.

    1. Yeah, but there are many species of NIMBYs. Where I reside, most of them are historical types/and urbanist types.

      I am sympathetic to those types, but they can be a bit too ideologically inflexible at times.

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