The Kitchen Table

3 thoughts on “The Kitchen Table”

  1. Racism is hard because humans are hard-wired to look for the rare and the negative when confronted with people different than ourselves. Probably a survival mechanism.

    For example, only .0025 percent of Italian Americans are involved in organized crime. The percentage of African Americans involved in crime is much higher but that still means the majority of blacks are not. But what are the #`1 stereotypes for these groups?

    I’ve come to believe multiculturalism doesn’t help either. It just encourages people to identify more strongly with their “tribe” instead of focusing on our common heritage and/or their personal accomplishments (career, etc). I’ve seen these alternate tribes (makers, hackers, urbanists, etc.) take down barriers far more effectively than anything else.

  2. Racism and intolerance are definitely not right, but I guess there is degree of subjectivity to it.

    In my own re-gentrifying neighborhood some to many, mostly white folk, leave the neighborhood once their kids are old enough for school. The neighborhood schools are overwhelmingly immigrant Hispanics (1st and 2nd generation). The people who leave are afraid of this situation.

    The neighborhood high school once graduated the likes of Dan Rather and Kenny Rogers.

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