Hard Infrastructure

What do you do with an aging 1950’s suburb that can’t compete with newer McMansion communities or vibrant downtown neighborhoods? Many of these places are declining along with the bifurcating and contracting American middle class. But these towns could be reinvented as the ultimate sweet spot for a new generation on a limited budget. The … Continue reading Hard Infrastructure

DIY Urbanism

Over the years I’ve belonged to a variety of different organizations that had the ostensible goal of accomplishing X or Y. At a certain point I would realize that all anyone was doing was exercising their fears and frustrations. Most of all they were trying to stop other people from doing things they didn’t like. … Continue reading DIY Urbanism

Separated At Birth

Many years ago I attended a state university on scholarship in an east coast town that had been hit hard by deindustrialization, white flight to the suburbs, and some really tragic attempts at urban renewal. The school, a couple of medical centers, and a corporate campus were little islands amid the crusty remains of a … Continue reading Separated At Birth

Intentional (Sub)Urban Community

Many folks dream of living in close proximity to like minded people – preferably on a tight budget. These visions range from large extended families, “maker” types looking for an arts compound, self organized retirement villages, and all sorts of other affinity groups.┬áThere’s an understandable impulse to want to build a specially designed place from … Continue reading Intentional (Sub)Urban Community