The Other Jane Jacobs

4 thoughts on “The Other Jane Jacobs”

  1. I’m glad to see Jane Jacobs’s other books getting some of the attention they deserve. In my new biography of Jane, EYES ON THE STREET: The Life of Jane Jacobs, coming out in September from Knopf, I made it my business to at least touch on all her books — even the little children’s book she wrote, THE GIRL ON THE HAT. She was an amazingly wide-ranging reader, writer, and thinker, and it was a pleasure to be in her intellectual company all the years I was writing the book.

    (It’s true, of course, that the very title of my book is a nod to language from DEATH AND LIFE!)

    Robert Kanigel

  2. I’ve only read “Life and Death” but I will have to check out her later works.

    She was from Scranton, PA not far from where I grew up. Pennsylvania is plentiful with “Strong Towns,” at least from a planning perspective in the underlying infrastructure, if not economically. Scranton peaked probably a hundred years ago during the Coal era. I have no doubt that these traditional cities and towns of NEPA helped shape her views, even if like many young educated people in the region she left and never came back.

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