Mind The Gap

9 thoughts on “Mind The Gap”

  1. Still such a great article. I go back and re-read it every so often. They’re probably not phased at all by The Wuhan.

  2. Love it. We’re just getting started being landlords. It’s been a real eye opener though. Average applicant: terrible credit, 2 (far away) jobs, 2 late model cars (leased). Our place is affordable but not in a high crime area or anything like that.

    These people are really vulnerable but don’t seem very aware, given their credit history. Since most people don’t have the same foresight as your friends here, what do you think is gonna happen to the majority?

    1. Most people live month-to-month on credit and fumes. Partly the economy has been restructured over the last thirty years to advantage the minority that have particular skills and/or live in specific locations while everyone else has been given the old heave-ho. Partly people expect a certain kind of life and don’t think there are alternatives. So what will happen? Crisis. Crash. Unpleasantness. Or a long slow sad stair step decline. Or all of the above. This situation isn’t different from most of human history. You could argue the Happy Days of post war mid century America were the real anomaly. Getting that back will be a challenge. You could close down the boarders to trade and immigration which would revalue domestic labor. But it would also jack up the price and limit the availability of most of the cheap products and raw materials we’ve gotten used to. Our trading partners would stop buying whatever it is that we sell as well. Time will tell.

  3. I get the economics of the wood burning stove and the forested lot, but does it burning all of that wood not create a lot of ground-level pollution and particulate matter for a dense, urban environment? I’m not sure I’d be happy with this if I were a neighbor.

    1. Also, if they have hardwood trees on their lot, they could probably get a bigger and more sustainable bang for their buck by having them milled. Depends on species, maturity, and ease of access, but one should be able to get far greater value out of hardwoods by milling rather than burning. If they can’t find a sawyer, they could buy a wood mizer and air dry the lumber.

  4. Very insightful to get an inside look at this family. I really enjoy your writing , photos, and video footage Johnny!


  5. Fascinating. What a very creative and cool family! (I would love to see an interview with them….find out how they reached these insights.). Thank you Johnny for your website and all of the hard work and research that you put into it. I always look forward to the new posts! 🙂

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