The Richmond Riviera (Or: I Hate When Mommy and Daddy Fight)

8 thoughts on “The Richmond Riviera (Or: I Hate When Mommy and Daddy Fight)”

  1. I totally agree. That chunk of land between the Carquinez and Richmond is so prime. Perfect weather, close to everything and lightly developed. It’d be sweet if they took some European inspiration and developed walkable centers facing the water rather than the 80 freeway. For all the reasons you describe, we’ll probably get some half-ass development straight outta 1987.

    I think Hercules has been trying to do a waterfront for years now. Another massive project near me has been lurching along – Here in South City we got a ferry terminal a while back. Unfortunately, it disembarks into a dated marina and bland biotech office park literally miles away from our downtown. There are plans to spruce it up, but unfortunately nothing that would actually draw people to the water unless you work here. It’s such an asset yet they’re so clueless how to handle it. Maybe the Chinese can school us?

    1. I’ve got a huge number of photos and a lot of interviews about the Brisbane/South City area – including the CHinese owned development on the old waterfront landfill site. Posts to come.

  2. How is it they haven’t had a ferry before now? A 10 year old could look at a map of the region and see that using the water for transportation is a good idea.

    1. The description of the Richmond situation may not be completely accurate, Jonnie (per a resident who I work with who lives in the Richmond marina area). His understanding is the City wants a hotel. There is also personal animosity/stubbornness by the property owner (Mr. Po?) who is pushing for the homes.

      Finally, my coworkers’ understanding is that the primary point of the ferry service is not the hotel (not really dense housing) or the single family estates but the massive planned UC Berkeley research campus planned for the area.

      Or maybe we are talking about different sites.

      1. The small picture involves personalities, local politics, money, state regulations, this plan, that plan… The big picture is that transportation and land use policy need to be harmonized for each to work properly. Instead, land use planning is X and transportation is Y and each is less effective as a result of the conflict. My point is that we need to agree and move forward in a cohesive manner. But we just can’t seem to do it.

        1. No doubt. No doubt. Parochialism is rampant, but there is also fear of (corruptible and inflexible) central planning as well.

          Thanks again for the thought-provoking writing.

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