The Antifragile Outlier Broken Window Black Swan Tipping Point

8 thoughts on “The Antifragile Outlier Broken Window Black Swan Tipping Point”

  1. Malls converted into affordable housing need one key thing to be meaningful: convert the huge parking lot into local gardens for the residents. Note: meaningful does not equate to successful.

  2. Sigh. We prevented the Kaiser from invading banana republics with “Gunboat Diplomacy” We also freed Cuba and the Phils from colonialism with it. Why did we stay in the Phils and not cuba? Cuba could better defend itself (esp with our help) and was much better developed, while remote Pacific Islands were endanger from especially the new colonialists: Japan. Also, gunboat were how one subdued pirates in traderoots.

    We have no more a Culture of Racism than Russia, Japan, Brazil, or much of the world. We DO have a culture of accepting economic inequality, that much is true.

    1. Really? You think the Spanish American War was about liberating oppressed colonies from the heavy yoke of the Europeans? Really? You don’t think it – maybe – was the young upstart empire snatching the goodies from the old tatty empire that couldn’t defend her turf anymore?
      And the U.S. did such a great job managing Cuba that it ended in violent revolution? Dude. Get a grip on yourself.

  3. Just wondering, have you read the book Why Nations Fail? If not, I think you’d be very interested in its themes.

    1. I found James Robinson’s Ted Talk

      I suppose my response might be rather nuanced. In theory he’s right. Impartial rule of law and good democratic governance frees the population to innovate and generate tremendous wealth in a fair and even handed manner. But in practice… it’s complicated.

      Let’s say a pushcart vendor or food truck sets up shop on a street corner next to a big national chain restaurant. The chain store doesn’t like the competition. A few calls are made. Local officials weigh the merits of defending the rights of the pushcart vendor vs. the multi-million dollar chain operation. Well, it turns out that there are some legitimate public health and safety concerns regarding the push cart. The health inspector isn’t convinced that the food in the cart is safe for human consumption. And the fire marshal thinks the cart impedes the movement of emergency vehicles if there’s a fire…

      In terms of international comparisons the Anglo-American influence on “lesser” nations has been so overwhelming that no leader in Latin America, Asia, or the Middle East has been able to adopt these high brow democratic institutions effectively without Fill-In-The-Blank-Corporation intervening when they didn’t get exactly what they want from the host country. That’s where the term “Banana Republic” comes from. You could also say “Oil Republic” or “Cheap Labor Republic.” It isn’t a level playing field and it never was. There’s another term that comes in to play. “Gunboat Diplomacy.” As we’re discovering these days… blowback’s a bitch.

  4. Excellent post, Johnny. Some malls can be repurposed and arterials converted to boulevards, but only if the return delivers real value that sufficiently exceeds the value of the declining status quo.

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