10 thoughts on “Shotgun!”

  1. Very interesting that similar density of the shotgun and Ramada. An often used argument against the tiny house movement is that it would use up too much valuable land. But you seem to say properly situated small houses could be as effectively dense as multifamily housing.

  2. Johnny, I’m very intrigued by the Nashville examples under construction with the mansard roofs. Any information on the address, developer, or photos of the completed projects? Something along these lines would fit perfectly in an infill site adjacent to our downtown.

  3. I just bought a house a few years ago in a very run down urban neighborhood. It was one of the only places that didn’t have split up lots. And also, all I could afford as a museum employee.

    Nothing to walk to either. But we’ve started a community garden that’s been exploding with community involvement. A step in the right direction for a decaying food desert.

    When asked by neighbors “why did you decide to move here of all places”, my reply has always been “a neighborhood is what you make it!”

    In three years, I’ve volunteered my time at the garden to build it up. I’ve also turned my lot into a certified wildlife habitat! All the critters flock to my yard now and have a safe haven for weary souls.

    It’s up to us to sculpt the world we want. That’s what my blog is all about. Urban renewal and gardening with danger. In Buffalo, NY, where I’m from originally, they’re selling penny houses. The buyers have to restore the home within a few years as part of the deal. But a perfect concept for recycling homes and reinvigorating neighborhoods. I wish my SoCal home was a penny!! Spoiler: it was infinitely more!

  4. I think the Ramada Inna are pretty terrible. The old shotgun neighborhood had potential for incremental improvement. That potential is now gone forever. Someday the Ramada Inns will be bulldozed for some equally bad megaproject.

    There is a connection somewhere between the concentration of ownership by megadevelopers and growth of finance and the rentier class coinciding with the housing affordability crisis and income stagnation.

  5. i like the way you swim in mainstream waters. We start conversations that we shouldn’t expect or try to finish. Only in the dark are convictions shed and new thoughts uncovered. <> Have it your own way. But a collection of Ramada Inns is what you’ve got.

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