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  1. Fabulous article, Johnny. Thank you for showing how valuable an ordinary everyday temporarily forgotten) place is. And for illustrating so clearly what most people believe is a step up: “more suburban looking houses should fix any problem!” But here, it’s not a fault of the market – neighborhood decline starts with a poorly conceived underlying bank policy. In places where there is interest in redeveloping the front of the lot, I suggest the smaller house be rolled to the back of the lot. This would be one of the many types of accessory uses you’ve talked about on your blog: an office, a guesthouse, a parent’s apartment or a rental. The existing alley system is perfect for another set of buildings, and perfect to access each lot without breaking up the common lawn on the front street. I never made the connection between the 65% and the 35% before, and apartment size vs shotgun sf. You have me thinking now.

    I hope you will send this article to the economic development director for this city, and have the city start a fund so people who want to buy these tiny houses for themselves can do so.

    1. I go to many meetings in towns all across the county. Economic development, transportation department, affordable housing, small business association… It turns out that changing any one small part of the zoning or building code is incredibly difficult.In order to build something as simple as a backyard cottage or add a second story on top of a one story home requires several different rules to be changed. Politically… it’s just too hard. Small projects just don’t ever get done. But if a really large project is proposed and enough of the usual suspects are on board then special dispensation can be arranged. So instead of getting renovated shotguns we get a collection of two dozen “Ramada Inn” sized buildings. That’s not an economic or construction problem. That’s a political and cultural problem. Good luck in your town…

  2. The fundamental malfeasance isn’t reliant on the existence of modern banking tho. It’s possible for people to overspend relative to the resources they can sustainably command without finance, banking, or even money.

  3. It’s unfortunate this issue, along with the larger idea of criticizing centralized power structures, got associated with right wing crackpots. I guess from a typical Leftist point of view, caring that much about monetary issues (or even understanding basic debt concepts) is kind of suspect in of itself. What are you? Some kind of Wall Street guy? Ironically, on the whole it’s a very Leftist critique.

    I have found one organization ( that addresses the subject on its own without the associated baggage but it’s UK-based.

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