Commie Skin Jobs

8 thoughts on “Commie Skin Jobs”

  1. I’d say the last few building look like quite a bit of the postwar European architecture, period. No squinting required. Not as pretty as the the old buildings but just fine – hardly oppressive.

    I was surprised how dead the Le Corbusier garden city stuff feels on the ground. It looks good in architectural drawings but on the ground they feel pretty dead, even in a dense city like Berlin.

  2. Ah the international postwar style. The utter crappiness of style ruled on both sides of the Iron Curtain. The Soviet concrete boxes are just as bad as the Western glass boxes. This wasn’t an economic issue. It was the ideal of the Bauhaus/Le Corbusier/Phillip Johnson School.

    Riga seems to be very Western in a lot of ways. For example, no children sight.

    1. By “Western” and “no children in sight” I suspect you mean prosperous.

      South Korea, Singapore, and Japan are hardly “Western” in the traditional sense, but their birth rates dropped like a stone as they became wealthy. Mexico reached replacement (stable) population rate in recent years and the numbers are still falling. FYI, out migration of Mexicans to the U.S. has already come to a near halt just in time for Trump’s wall. Even Iran and Tunisia now have negative fertility rates. Once people are no longer threatened with crushing poverty and as soon as women are educated and start to earn money of their own people simply stop having large families. Egypt and Yemen? They have enormously high birth rates…

      1. Terrifying/interesting discussion over at one of the libertarian “rationalist” sites I sometimes read bemoaning these falling birthrates. Especially focused on having kids that can take care of us when we are decrepit. Some commenters were insisting that everyone needs to be having at least ten kids so that one of them wouldn’t fail and would be available to wheel the parents around in our senility. (I am in my 50s, so this thought is no longer so far off :)) Interesting argument that childless societies will be facing a big problem with (us) abandoned elders.

        1. The demographics of Baltic countries are bleak at the moment, not only because of low birth rates, but also due to sky-high immigration rates (they are part of EU, so people are free to move elsewhere) among educated younger cohorts. Out-migration has slowed down a bit after a spark during the 2008-11 peak of the financial crisis.

          One of the reasons I really despise the strand of libertarians you mentioned is that, while promoting individual freedoms to great and sometimes (in my opinion) quixotic extents, they (overwhelmingly male) have no problems assuming their utopia require women to give all or most of their freedom (raising multiple children all but ensures women will be trapped on a cycle of multiple pregnancy and breastfeeding for most of her peak career years).

  3. Ah, Riga — perhaps my favorite European city! Great pictures. I would imagine that many of the Communist era apartment buildings will, one by one, be pulled down as the population grows outward from the city center. Otherwise, yes, they will be retrofitted and continue to be used. The difference with most American cities is that there isn’t much of a core to work out from anymore.

    1. Tallinn looks beautiful as well. At least from Streetview. Very “Finnish” in style of course! And I love some of the old wooden villas (many are a little decrepit, but lovely)

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