Here’s a familiar situation in many towns. This happens to be Georgia, but it could be almost anywhere. Entire neighborhoods of small older homes have been passed over as the population migrated to newer suburban developments. . . . . These homes are so inexpensive that no bank will write a mortgage even if a … Continue reading Shotgun!

A Different Approach

As part of a thought experiment I examined one specific neighborhood in a typical small city in Georgia. I’m using this town not because it’s unique, but because it’s absolutely normative. I could do the same analysis on the town where my mom, sisters, and brother live in southern New Jersey and it would be … Continue reading A Different Approach

The Antifragile Outlier Broken Window Black Swan Tipping Point

We live in the age of the pop philosopher. James Wilson and George Kelling were a one hit wonder with their “Broken Window” theory back in the 1980’s. Malcolm Gladwell has reigned supreme on the New York Times bestseller lists with such offerings as “Outliers” and “The Tipping Point.” Nassim Taleb has introduced “Black Swan” and … Continue reading The Antifragile Outlier Broken Window Black Swan Tipping Point

Uber Alles

Here’s a little update on my thought stylings regarding Uber, Lyft, and ultimately self driving cars. A neighbor needed help on a work project this morning so we headed off to his office. There was a momentary debate about the relative merits of taking the bus, biking, or getting an Uber. I was inclined to … Continue reading Uber Alles