Values on Display

11 thoughts on “Values on Display”

  1. We downsized from the suburb to Pasadena, two blocks from light rail. Transit rocks, get over the single family residence model of housing. High rise dense housing with transit is the way to go. We should put a high tax on large pickups and SUV’s

  2. Can you blame them? I live in an ultra liberal, hard core p.c. worshipping urban area full of walkable areas and interesting architecture. It’s an urbanist’s wet dream. Unfortunately we also have a pervasive property crime rate and even some rare violent crime. I’d find it amusing (if I hadn’t been a victim of it myself) watching these super white-guilt ridden gentry libs trip all over themselves trying their hardest not to notice that it’s pretty much always black people commiting these acts. Wish it weren’t this way, but it the shoe fits…

    1. The economics of post World War II land use policy (dispersed, low-density, use-separated, auto-dependent, infrastructure-intensive, low-tax-yielding, high-municipal-spending, et cetera) is an arrangement with no long term financial future. That reality will continue to assert itself regardless of the ethnicity, class, or criminal activity of population. Some communities will successfully reorganize their affairs in response. Others will not. Race relations will complicate and cloud the underlying dynamics as always. Shrug.

    2. Low density suburban areas also have property crime and even violent crime. Some of the crime is even….gasp…committed by white people.. Let’s abandon the suburbs forthwith!

    1. I believe this library complex was built with SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) funds. SPLOST money can be used to construct new buildings, but not for on-going maintenance or operational expenses. Road expansion projects are paid for by state and federal money, but the higher ups don’t pay for future maintenance. It’s these long term obligations that the locals will never be able to manage given the low value disposable nature of the suburban homes and strip malls. These new civic buildings were built on the site of a dead shopping mall.

      1. …. which may, even though the land use may have been not the best initially, be a smart-ish use at this point. Dead malls are being cleared throughout the Richmond VA area and what replaces them tends to be BETTER, certainly not what you (or I) like best, but an improvement. Usually weird mixed-use with LOTS of parking. The best thing about them tends to be that they are adjacent to a big arterial as well as fairly close to the urban center. Certainly okay for a young couple — no where where one would want to settle down.

  3. When I visited the USA people were shocked that I wanted to walk or catch a bus. I was usually the only white person on the bus, which was never a problem. My eccentricity was accepted because I am foreign.

    1. When I was younger, I exhibited this kind of eccentricity without being foriegn. No one cared. I rode my bike a LOT. Took public buses sometimes (I’m happy to see all the bike racks on busses these days– I even used one recently in Colorado) in urban areas, the problems were all with other hostile pedestrians — in suburban ones, guys in pickups.

  4. Nailed it. Cars and car infrastructure allow people to live ‘digital’ lives. They’re at home, or they’re where they want to be. They don’t have to ‘touch’ anything inbetween. It’s probably not a coincidence that this type of development, which breaks so much with the past, was developed in a country with such deep, unaddressed racism problems.

    1. You need to get out more. There’s counties with “unaddressed racism problems” all over the world. The fact that Japan may be more to urbanists pleasure (I told someone know knows Japan well that I was interested in some of the empty moutain towns and he told me you can ride a train to practically ALL of them) does not mean people there are not racist. And other ethnically diverse countries such as Brazil, have plenty of issues with race as well —- they just have a lot more pressing immediate problems. Turkey of course has problems, and Syria and Lebanon can’t even get along with themselves even without racial diversity.

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