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    1. I’m not just talking about the price of oil going up for consumers – or the price of oil going down below the cost of production due to recession which is also a problem. I’m talking about a physical lack of supply brought on by unrest and destruction of the infrastructure that delivers oil. If Ras Tanura were to be taken off line for any reason (terrorist bomb, war, revolution in Saudi) 20% of the world’s supply goes away overnight. That’s not something that can be replaced quickly by any other source.

  1. Institutional inertia is a funny thing. In the thick of it, there are always people who know what’s wrong but say “my hands are tied” and so they celebrate small victories. The sad fact is, unless they are willing to literally break the law, their hands really are tied. It takes very high level people to change those rules. But those folks’ whole careers (and personal identities) are SO tied up in the status quo. So things don’t change until the Big One hits.

    I’ve experienced this on a corporate level, and from your experience, it seems that city governments are no different. Or rather just more extreme. Nero, do you still have that fiddle?

    Even on a personal level, it’s tough to change habits. I know I shouldn’t have so much vested in a technology career but it’s a gift that keeps on giving. I’ve invested some in real estate, increased my cash holdings, etc. But the flesh is weak… A recent stretch of unemployment and outright age discrimination was enough to show me where I stand however. God bless those who have never considered or experienced worst case scenarios.

  2. Johnny, have you read much of John Robb’s ( stuff? He’s written about similar things before.

    What I’ve concluded, both from my own thinking and from reading other people’s thoughts, is that it’s a very good idea to have a house you own outright, ideally off-grid or at least very efficient; no debt; several months of food in your larder; and at least several months of savings, with a large fraction of that not being in the bank. It’s not just – or even mainly – for the big ones, like the zombie apocalypse. Having those things should (I do not speak from experience here, being only 22 and still living with my parents, but again, I’ve read around) smooth over the smaller bumps in life that could otherwise throw you off.

    1. I’ve got all the things you mentioned checked off my list. I’m not waiting for the zombie apocalypse. But I’m covered for most of life’s usual difficulties.

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