The Reluctant Voter

3 thoughts on “The Reluctant Voter”

  1. I hear ya. The ballot was ridiculous this year and filled with trivia, especially top of the ticket. But those local measures (school boards, muni bonds, new taxes, etc.) matter quite a bit and can affect our lives for a lifetime.

  2. I went to vote yesterday, the line was more than two hours long so I decided to try another time. Where I live we have open (no incumbent) contested US House and Senate seats, plus the governorship and our state House seat, so my own interest is quite high in the “downballot” races.

  3. This year I voted yes on medical marijuana in my state. President? Blank. The rest? Blank. I have no confidence that any of the candidates have identified the root problems we’re bumping up against, or that they’re even at the right level to craft an effective response.

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