How to Ride the Slide: NERTs Don’t Get Hurt

4 thoughts on “How to Ride the Slide: NERTs Don’t Get Hurt”

  1. Quick question about water storage: do you need to put in any kind of additive to keep the water safe during long term storage? And thanks…great series of posts.

    1. There are drops you can add to water to preserve it. Personally, I empty and refill my large tanks twice a year and I have a filter on hand that I will use before drinking the storage water.
      and/or I will boil the water I plan to drink. I have an ordinary outdoor BBQ and several propane tanks that double as an emergency cooking option as well as a rocket stove that efficiently burns twigs and small bits of scrap wood as well as a solar cooker that can heat water to a safe bacteria killing temperature.

  2. Loving the “Apocalypse Lite” posts. That’s a great way to look at it. I’m pretty solid on most points but the NERT/CERT angle is my achilles heel that I need to remedy. Historically, I’m the type that freezes in high (or even medium) pressure situations. Ask me to create an action plan to avoid the imminent collapse of Western civilization? No problem. Shut off the gas in an emergency? Eek!

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