9 thoughts on “Gazeboland”

  1. We have a restaurant with outdoor seating next to one of the city’s busiest streets. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to sit next to the roar and pollution of 40 mph traffic. This isn’t some small Italian street with the occasionally Piaggio Ape rumbling by at 10 mph.

  2. Have you seen the gazebo in Civic Park in Walnut Creek? It’s used for concerts and weddings and is open to anyone at any time. It’s well maintained and beyond that I’ve never looked at it particularly analytically. Although Civic Park is at a busy intersection in the middle of a small-ish city, the gazebo is in the middle of the park and it manages to have an air of tranquility and dignity about it. I know Civic Park is a long, long way from Dolores Park, but if you ever find yourself out this way, you might like this one a little better. Totally walkable from Walnut Creek BART or there’s a free electric trolley!

  3. Found your blog for the first time today and have been scouring the archives. Great writing. I’m an engineer who’s always had an interest in these problems, would be fun to chat over a coffee sometime. I’m local to SF.

  4. I love the underlying theme that “suburbia” is a bucolic lie.

    Of course, in a modern suburban environment, if you don’t completely privatize the water amenity to benefit (only) the immediately abutting households, the community as a whole will complain if “outsiders” visit any openly accessible community amenity. 🙂

      1. If the preserved farm were also developed with more strip malls and cul de sacs, the commute would also be inescapable. Hate to be a NIMBY here, but….as our host says, sometimes NIMBYism is understandable, if regrettable in the long term.

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