Memorial Day

6 thoughts on “Memorial Day”

  1. As a vet (23 years), may I suggest that you not thank every military member for their service? I am deeply uncomfortable with it, myself. It’s not that people are insincere about it. On the contrary, I think most really mean it, but they simply have no idea what they’re thanking us for. If there was one thing I was absolutely certain of by the time I retired, it’s that US strategic policy and the deployment of its forces have practically nothing to do with American liberty.
    A year after I retired I watched a parade, and in that parade was a semi-trailer truck from Walmart. The trailer was covered with pictures of wreaths of flowers for gravesites. The Walmart promise was to provide wreaths for the graves of our military fallen. Here, young man, give your life or various limbs in support of strategic plans that have almost nothing to do with the way your family lives in flyover country (but if we name them Enduring Freedom or some such nonsense, they sound appealing, don’t they?), and we’ll make sure you get some flowers out of the billions you ensured for us.
    Me, I chose that life and was well-compensated for it, and continue to be. I’ll take your military discount, thank you, but I didn’t do anything much different than anyone else does and likely did f*ck-all to actually further your best interests. I generally just nod and agree with the clerk (probably sounding “strong and silent”). I am not willing to pop the balloons of sacred misconceptions; sometimes they are all that families like the one you encountered at the garden store have left to give meaning to what they have endured.

  2. I hope you found a way to thank him for his service. That’s something I’m glad people do today (my son is an Afghanistan vet) that people didn’t do for the last unpopular war (my brother in law is a Vietnam vet).

  3. Everything is a reason to sale in our culture. It requires of us, first and foremost, to be consumers. This is the reason the Thanksgiving holiday is so poorly celebrated (in society, not necessarily in each family home); it is difficult to “sale” thankfulness. May God grant mercy.

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