Silicon House

14 thoughts on “Silicon House”

  1. Not Los Altos, but San Carlos. Walk Score: 3. I’m guessing these people never really walked or biked anywhere even when they lived in the flats.

  2. Los Altos I presume. Oak trees rather than chapparal on the hills as in San Diego.

    A combination of increasing demand for homes combined with severe building restrictions (are there ANY single family homes being built on the peninsula now? Apartments galore yes, but houses?) has made home equity a better bet than stock options in many situations.

    A big house in SF would likewise cost a bundle.

  3. congrats on your over the top fuck you I am a rich motherfucker and the rest of the world can go to hell house. Call me when you wake up.

    1. I think you missed the context. I believe our host was showing us a certain way of life without necessarily condoning it. (Or if I am wrong perhaps he will correct me.)
      As a working class guy this house is as far from my experience as you can get, so it is interesting to see how others live, where the resources are going, and why we are so isolated in our separate economic zones.

      1. Yes, I was being intentionally neutral so the readers could form their own interpretation. Do I personally aspire to live in this kind of situation? Nope. Does it work for others? Shrug. Not my place to tell others how to live. Do I think the underlying economic and social dynamics are healthy? Hmmmmmm. This post is plain old observation more than anything.

        For the record… I’m a self employed housekeeper/gardener/handyman low end Jack-of-all-trades. I was lucky to move to San Francisco a long time ago, pooled my meager resources with friends to buy a crappy small apartment building in a slum, and accidentally did pretty well.

        1. OMG YOU’RE THE CHARMING GUY FROM KIRSTEN DIRKSEN’S VIDEOS. Which is how I found your blog? I am finally catching on. (Love your work and interviews about your worldview.) (I just bought a cargo bike for me and our three kids in part bc of Dirksen’s short films on same.)

          1. Kirsten is amazing. So prolific, smart, curious, adventurous… Love her. Her whole family is great from her husband and kids to her mom and dad.

      2. ahh, but my point is….this house and way of life comes at a high price that our Earth is paying the price for. It is not sustainable. You have to be asleep to think living like that is reasonable.

        1. I have to rein in my own tendency to moralize over other people’s excesses. It’s easy to get high and mighty about your own green lifestyle because you recycle and drive a hybrid car – or don’t own a car at all.

          Then I go to other parts of the world – yes, in a big gas guzzling plane – and see people who live on 100th the burn rate of even the most conscientious tree hugging vegan American. It’s all relative.

          Just between you and me… history runs in big, long, slow cycles. What goes up eventually comes down. The extravagant mansions of Gold Rush millionaires and Robber Barons eventually became sub, sub, sub divided apartment buildings as the decades passed. All in good time my pretty. All in good time.

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