Bang Bang

6 thoughts on “Bang Bang”

    1. I’m not particularly interested in firearms in the same way that I’m not all that keen on buying gold or Bitcoins. I do “Apocalypse Lite.” I’m prepping for the everyday disasters that are most likely. Unemployment, earthquakes, power failures, and the long slow emergencies that don’t involve zombies.

  1. This is the Bill Burr approach to prepping. As he is fond of saying, if all hell breaks loose, you’re just growing vegetables for the guy with the gun.

    1. I always assumed the guy with the gun preferred meat. Or, to paraphrase Joan Gussow – starving people used to eating chicken nuggets from a shoe box in their car won’t even recognize your garden produce as food no matter how desperate they are.

  2. It should also be noted that guns in general have become much lighter in later decades. The guns shown on these photos would have looked like some plastic toy model in the 1970’s. The weight of yester-year revolvers vs today are enormous when it comes to weight and capacity to hold ammo. The introduction of the Glock (itself made as a cheaper/inexpensive gun for the Austrian border patrols around 1980, but quickly found some new export markets elsewhere ) meant you weren’t confined to heavy-metal revolvers anylonger (look at a random 1970’s crime series, the revolvers of those days look really awkward in comparison).

    ‘Democratization’ of gun pow(d)er for sure, you don’t need to be a ‘strong man’ to use them anymore nor a very large cabinet to contain all those firearms. But no development without new risk factors introduced either.

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