Chicken Pot Pie

11 thoughts on “Chicken Pot Pie”

  1. If you like the results, have you thought about canning the filling, to make it simpler if things happen? Or do you prefer to leave your supplies in more staple forms so it can be put together in any format. I am working to stock up a combination myself.

    1. The killer is the *need* to move around and do hard physical work. First of all, moving around constantly cuts you off from community. Second, when you’re old, thing *do* go wrong physically. Even if you’re able to recover eventually, if you have to do physical work to live you’re in big trouble when that happens – especially if your nearest relative is a couple hundred miles away.

      Physical activity is great for health and longevity, but by late middle age you have to be able to stop sometimes.

    2. Great article.

      The devil is in the details. If people downsize intentionally as part of “voluntary simplicity” and they do it ahead of personal financial collapse that’s one thing. If they do it after total failure has happened to them in a crash that’s very different.

      My position is that we Americans asked for the economy that we currently have. I’m old enough to remember previous elections from the 70s, 80s, and 90s when the voters demanded the structural shifts that lead to the current situation. I’m guessing a lot of these aging Boomers voted for the guys who sold them down the river with visions of personal freedom, family values, and deregulation. To quote the article:

      “We saw in the 1980s a shift from pensions to 401(k)s; that was a raw deal for workers. These retirement plans were marketed as an instrument of financial freedom, but they were really transferring risk from the shoulder of the employers to the backs of the workers.”

      Restructuring the economy in a way that values labor and genuinely supports families and small mom and pop shops isn’t going to be easy. Might have to vote for different people. Might have to organize. Might have to fight some Pinkertons. Might take a while.

      Instead we’re in a national blame game where half the country wants to hang bankers and half wants to beat up immigrants. We’re all focused on the wrong things. But you can’t set fire to a tax code or a subsidy… Sooner or later we’re going to discover that you actually can set fire to a devalued currency.

      1. Yup, the dollar’s position as an international reserve currency is the only thing the Boomers haven’t cashed in yet.

        But with an economy dependent on people being paid less but spending more, the difference covered by debt until they are tapped out, our options are inflate the debt away, default it away, or face stagnation a la Japan.

        One option. Have the federal government float 300-year zero-coupon bonds with a zero percent interest rate, to replace its debts and other debts. If no one else wants to buy them, the Federal Reserve would. And then it some point someone would say “isn’t this dumb having one part of the government owe money to another part of the same government?” And “poof!”

        1. Remember, the Federal Reserve is NOT the federal government. It is not interagency borrowing like the bonds held by Social Security and Medicare. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned, though government tied central bank.

  2. Johnny, don’t worry too much about your baking skills. The celibrated New York chef, Dan Barber, was fired early in his career by La Brea bakery’s Nancy Silverton. Cheers

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