Granola Shotgun

Chicken Pot Pie

One of my continuing goals is to extend and diversify my pantry and get better at preparing everyday meals from my food storage supply. I want to get well past rice and beans. Last night I made chicken pot pie and was really pleased with the results.

I reached in to my stash of home pressure canned items and pulled out a jar of chicken and a jar of potatoes. I had fresh carrots, celery, and onions on hand, but I also have dehydrated versions of those that I could have used if need be.

I experimented with a box of shelf stable UHT cream for the sauce and it worked pretty well. Obviously I prefer fresh cream, but I like having back up options. I like this product well enough to stock up on more since it’s significantly better than the canned milk I’ve always kept in the pantry and a million times better than the powdered milk I keep in the way way back supply.

Baking isn’t my strong suit since it requires following the “destructions” carefully. I’m not a patient person. And making a good pie crust is a tricky business. But I have flour, butter, and shortening in quantity.

I baked these chicken pies in little mini casserole dishes in the oven for individual servings. But if I were preparing this same meal in an emergency situation like the aftermath of an earthquake when the utilities were down I could make it just as well in a Dutch oven on the propane stove outdoors or the wood stove inside. I also have a rocket stove that burns tiny scraps and does the job.

In the end I was very pleased. This meal culled from emergency preparedness items fed four people and tasted great. There was no hint of the Apocalypse to it. I’ve started to get to the point where regular food and disaster food are merging nicely – which is exactly where I want to be.