My Venn Diagram With Peak Prosperity

10 thoughts on “My Venn Diagram With Peak Prosperity”

  1. Peak Prosperity is one of my favorite groups. I like that they present data and aren’t knee-jerk anti-technology, anti-finance per se. Their self-assessment and “forms of capital” are great for rational preppers.

    On the other hand, the content sometimes make you feel as though if you’re not “self sufficient” and living in a bucolic & wealthy small town… you’re doing it wrong. I disagree. History disagrees. I’ll take my little house close to the train station and the community garden any day of the week…

  2. Keep in mind that if you know how to cook using the most basic tools and ingredients, then your skills will be a much desired commodity should the apocalypse ever hit civilization. Unless, of course, you are fat enough to look like you’d make good eatin’…. 😉

    Looks like an interesting site. I’m enjoying reading through bits of it. As always, I appreciate your blog and insights.

  3. Quick, play Spot the Woman!

    Seriously, though, does it ever make you uneasy when you walk into a room that looks like this, Johnny? I too would consider this a friendly-ish group from the description, but I can’t say I’d relish being the only woman there. Maybe the group is more focused on Chris Martenson-type stuff than Sharon Astyk-type topics?

    1. I did what I could to steer the conversation toward the “domestic arts” since in a crisis the heady stuff of international finance etc isn’t nearly as relevant as food and the basic concerns of hearth and home.

  4. I realize I am only seeing still photos of a single event, but…so white. So dude. No women or Black people in the post-apocalyptic future planning meetups? Interesting, telling, and continually disappointing that this happens at both ends of the economic and the rural/urban divide around “prep”. We bring our biases with us into utopias and dystopias.

    1. Yes we all noticed and commented. One woman and two Indian guys. Everyone else… pretty white and male. We were told this is weird and the Portland and Seattle groups were nearly 50/50. The organizers don’t have any control over who shows up… Could be because this was a Friday meeting vs. Saturday and Sunday… Don’t know.

  5. Johnny, never say never. I am a Mormon now, having been baptized into the Church about 6 months ago. There was not much in my background to suggest this destination, but many, many witnesses over the years caused me to investigate the Church and, lo and behold, I found a miracle.

    God is alive and well today and communicates regularly with those who seek to hear and see Him, And He provides much greater prosperity than you can earn on you own, working and attending conferences and such.

    For when you seek first the Kingdom, which is alive and well within the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints, He is faithful, as scripture says, to provide all else as well.

    I am on an open ended extended ministry trip across the West. In Lake Tahoe today and who knows where tomorrow. As me and my companion spread the Gospel, God somehow blesses my businesses with new customers and today, two more five star reviews. Every hour I spend on spreading the Gospel is multiplied by Him. Spreading the Gospel, rather than doing traditional work, is the highest and best use of my time, both financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

    There are parallel universes, here and now. One of those who strive and work under their own understanding, and another full of “nice people” who are working for the Gospel, and being rewarded by their King, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Trey – thanks for the testimony of your faith. I appreciate and respect your experience. But I don’t reject the church. Like I said. Nice people. Mormons just don’t want my kind. You know… “San Francisco.”

  6. Good observations. Chris and Adam have some good insights on their site, but the place does tend to skew toward hard-and-fast abstract declarations of The Way Things Will Be. If you poke around enough on the site, though, there are other resources that aren’t like that. I’ve found some of the posts that offer advice to those just starting are helpful.

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