The Mangiapocalypse

8 thoughts on “The Mangiapocalypse”

  1. Well there is the George Carlin version. I guess it depends on if you think Hobbes or Rosseau was right. This post sounds like Rosseau.

    The guys with ammunition believe Hobbes. Frankly, perhaps it would be better to get off the planet one way or the other if the world comes to an end.

  2. This is the opposite of a bunker in the woods loaded with military rations and ammunition.

    I have to ask: what’s not fun about that? πŸ˜‰

    I think you’ve created a great set-up and the fact that you focus on sharing it with those around you is a huge positive. As others have pointed out, there is real strength in building community. This is what not only keeps people from turning on each other in times of need but also what strengthens charitable bonds during those same times.

  3. “Leverage can be magnificent on the way up, but it crushes you on the way down.”

    Having experienced this in a small business, I usually say that “leverage is great but it works twice as fast in reverse”. Same sentiment and I like yours better so will steal it. πŸ™‚

  4. I really admire your pragmatism and generosity of spirit. It seems to me that your community style of prepping shows a lot more promise than being an angry loner sitting in a bunker surrounded by firearms and a thousand cans of beans.

  5. Sure beats “rugged individualism”. When first reading in 1970’s about apocalyptic style survivalists, I thought: what a dreadful way to conduct life. I regarded such overblown paranoia as potentially more destabilizing than the hypothetical rampaging mobs survivalists often hyperventilated about. Sometimes I wonder if that drives perennial fascination with zombies. Puerto Rico seems to disprove the notion folks will mindlessly turn on each other when faced with adversity.

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