Maids’ Rooms, Garden Pavilions, Coral Vanities, and Thought Experiments

A recent post about the regulatory and cultural dynamics in Thousand Oaks, California was reposted on various platforms on the interwebs and elicited some very different responses. Readers on right leaning sites were incredulous that anyone would criticize the hard working and already over taxed families who were merely defending what they’ve earned. What right … Continue reading Maids’ Rooms, Garden Pavilions, Coral Vanities, and Thought Experiments


A friend does woodworking in his garage as both a hobby and a pragmatic response to a century old house that needs endless repairs. His workshop is itself an expression of his resourcefulness. His work benches are made from salvaged high quality hardwood pulled from a bowling alley that was being torn down. The interior … Continue reading Shaper

Thousand Oaks

This weekend I attended the graduation of my niece from California Lutheran University. Since I was in the area for a few days and there was a lot of down time between events I wandered around the neighborhood with my camera as I am want to do. My niece rents a room in a single … Continue reading Thousand Oaks

First Dibs

A million years ago I was a student in New Brunswick, New Jersey looking to furnish my first real apartment with no money. On the weekends I would borrow a friend’s car and drive out to garage sales and church thrift shops in the suburbs – when I wasn’t picking treasures from the curb on … Continue reading First Dibs

The Mangiapocalypse

Mangia: the Italian verb “to eat.” Apocalypse: the complete final destruction of the world. Push them together and you get the Mangiapocalypse. This portmanteau was suggested by a friend who was describing the philosophy of preparing for disaster in a way that’s abundant, fun, productive, and oriented toward a better overall quality of everyday life. … Continue reading The Mangiapocalypse