Silicon House

I recently visited friends for lunch at their new home in the suburbs south of San Francisco. It’s only thirty five miles from the city, but it feels oddly like another world. It’s as if a little piece of Los Angeles or San Diego had calved off and drifted up the California coast and beached … Continue reading Silicon House

The Bitter Suite

I’m tired of people trying to sugarcoat things in the name of cooperative constructive engagement. Meetings, conventions, more meetings, public charrettes, more meetings, another conference, more meetings… Welcome stakeholders! We value your input! I’m not a patient person. I want to go out in to the world and actually get things done. But that’s not … Continue reading The Bitter Suite

Meet Marble

I’ve lived in this neighborhood for so long that I’ve grown used to tech start ups beta testing their schemes on my doorstep. I remember the first time I saw a car drive by with a huge furry pink mustache strapped to the front grill between the headlights. That was the start of Lyft. I … Continue reading Meet Marble

Memorial Day

Last week was Memorial Day, a time intended for deep reflection on the loss of fallen soldiers. It can be that, but mostly it isn’t. Instead it’s another day to promote sales on mattresses or enjoy a long weekend of barbecues. For me it involved a lot of gardening and the construction of a small … Continue reading Memorial Day

A Dry Run

Last week I entertained friends from Ohio here in Northern California. The house itself is small and unremarkable, but the land and location are pretty sweet. The property is currently in between tenants so I’m busy cleaning, painting, and gardening while my guests are out exploring the countryside. My invitation to them was part of … Continue reading A Dry Run