The Transect

Urban planners sometimes use the concept of the transect to categorize different kinds of envirnoments. For example, the Loop in Chicago is at one end of the spectrum and Montana is at the other. Absolutely everything can be placed somewhere along a continuum from most urban to most rural. Stilettos are exactly the right footwear … Continue reading The Transect

How to Ride the Slide: NERTs Don’t Get Hurt

I just attended the final session of NERT training. The Neighborhood Emergency Response Team program was created by the city of San Francisco to help people become more prepared for the kinds of disaster situations that are likely to overwhelm professional first responders. If the general population is more educated and equipped to deal with foreseeable challenges … Continue reading How to Ride the Slide: NERTs Don’t Get Hurt

The Goldfish Economy

Last week I spoke with a contractor who had worked on a project for me back in 2010. He does very good work so I asked him back to look at a small carpentry job I need help with. He’s busy these days juggling several other much larger more lucrative projects. I have no expectation … Continue reading The Goldfish Economy

The Ghost Ship

The fire at the Ghost Ship in Oakland, California that claimed thirty six lives touched on several themes that all congealed in one tragic event. But before I get in to the particulars I’m going to take a couple of digressions. A friend left San Francisco a couple of years ago to attend graduate school … Continue reading The Ghost Ship