Air(bnb) Wars

Yesterday a door-to-door signature collector arrived and I chatted with him for a while, although I declined to sign anything. He was looking for local support for a ballot initiative concerning the future of home sharing services like Airbnb. I’ve also gotten plenty of pro and con literature in the mail recently. And then I … Continue reading Air(bnb) Wars

Low Hanging Fruit

As a San Franciscan I get a lot of raised eyebrows when I mention that I recently bought property in Cincinnati. “Huh?” Then I walk them through it. Here’s the mom and pop business district along Hamilton Avenue in the Northside neighborhood during a recent Summer Streets event. This is a classic 1890’s Norman Rockwell … Continue reading Low Hanging Fruit

Bridge and Tunnel

This afternoon I was riding my bike and observed a fairly common event. An attractive woman in an expensive car kept honking her horn and yelling as she drove. She was frustrated and angry at the slow pace of traffic and the obstacles in her way. These were the people she was yelling at. I’m … Continue reading Bridge and Tunnel