It’s Complicated

Last night I had dinner at a friend’s house. The group was composed of the usual San Francisco mix: a college professor, an architect, and a collection of software engineers of various stripes. They were single-ish. Childless. Forty-ish. Well traveled. Charming. Between them they could speak eight languages. They were old enough to be semi-established … Continue reading It’s Complicated

Rent Boy

There’s no end to the smart shiny young people who pass through my kitchen at dinner time. I’m a kind of scratch and dent uncle to everyone in the neighborhood. I learn more from them about economics, demographics, technology, and realpolitik than a graduate level university program ever could. Over the years I’ve seen the … Continue reading Rent Boy

Air(bnb) Wars

Yesterday a door-to-door signature collector arrived and I chatted with him for a while, although I declined to sign anything. He was looking for local support for a ballot initiative concerning the future of home sharing services like Airbnb. I’ve also gotten plenty of pro and con literature in the mail recently. And then I … Continue reading Air(bnb) Wars