The Great Reshuffling

The Interwebs are abuzz over the mass exodus from cities triggered by the Coronavirus. Cue up the images of Moses parting the sea for a caravan of U-Hauls destined for the verdant cul-de-sacs of the Promised Land. This outward population migration is quantifiable and real. You’ll get no arguments at all from me. But the … Continue reading The Great Reshuffling

A Receding Tide

Lately I’ve noticed people describing our current economic situation as “negative growth.”  We used to call the same thing “contraction.” As in… there’s less now than before. But culturally we can’t seem to wrap our minds around anything other than more. So we still have growth! It’s just negative at the moment. I took these … Continue reading A Receding Tide


San Francisco is toying with a soft reopening from quarantine. It’s a tricky business. There’s a real risk of a Covid-19 boomerang as other cities and rural areas are beginning to exhibit. But people simply can’t be made to stay at home forever. Immediate friends and neighbors like mine are taking baby steps by selectively … Continue reading Quarantini

# Face Panties

Some years ago I was enjoying another visit to Japan when I noticed ordinary people wearing face masks. It wasn’t everyone. And it wasn’t all the time. But it was common enough that no one seemed to notice or care. It was a normal thing in Japanese culture. And it was primarily about protecting the … Continue reading # Face Panties


In order to avoid becoming any fatter than I already am during the Big Cooties I take long walks. My usual trek is a few miles and I take different routes to keep it interesting. With mask on and sanitizing gel at hand I’m enjoying my city along with a lot of other people. If … Continue reading Curfew