Power Station

A friend and I recently explored an old waterfront industrial zone here in San Francisco. First we poked around on our own as urban adventurers trying to access the city’s forgotten fringes. There were polite interactions with private security along the way. Then we returned a week later to attend a community engagement event organized … Continue reading Power Station

How to Ride the Slide: NERTs Don’t Get Hurt

I just attended the final session of NERT training. The Neighborhood Emergency Response Team program was created by the city of San Francisco to help people become more prepared for the kinds of disaster situations that are likely to overwhelm professional first responders. If the general population is more educated and equipped to deal with foreseeable challenges … Continue reading How to Ride the Slide: NERTs Don’t Get Hurt

Emergency Preparation – Wherever You Live

Whether it’s an industrial accident that releases toxic chemicals into the water supply as happened in West Virginia in recent memory, or a Katrina or Hurricane Sandy type event, or the jolt of an earthquake in California, people very often find themselves without electricity, running water, natural gas, and many other supplies and services for a … Continue reading Emergency Preparation – Wherever You Live