Shovel Ready

Many years ago I remember a television commentator saying more Americans have outhouses than computer connections. This was in the early days of dial up modems. He seemed to suggest that household computers were little more than Japanese video games, which was actually true at the time. Well, thirty years have passed and this afternoon … Continue reading Shovel Ready

Rent Boy

There’s no end to the smart shiny young people who pass through my kitchen at dinner time. I’m a kind of scratch and dent uncle to everyone in the neighborhood. I learn more from them about economics, demographics, technology, and realpolitik than a graduate level university program ever could. Over the years I’ve seen the … Continue reading Rent Boy


In the 1950’s and 60’s plans were drawn up to build an extensive rail network that would create a ring around San Francisco Bay connecting all the towns and cities in the region. It was an ambitious plan fitting an optimistic era of large projects.Jake Coolidge Below is a rendering of what that system would … Continue reading Chariots

Uber Alles

Here’s a little update on my thought stylings regarding Uber, Lyft, and ultimately self driving cars. A neighbor needed help on a work project this morning so we headed off to his office. There was a momentary debate about the relative merits of taking the bus, biking, or getting an Uber. I was inclined to … Continue reading Uber Alles