The Dreaded HOA

My upstairs neighbor recently fought a protracted battle with my side neighbor over patio furniture. It got ugly. There’s been a low grade turf war in the building for a while now. The key element is never about the items in question. It’s always about control. Both sides have their valid concerns, but at the … Continue reading The Dreaded HOA

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Decline and Gentrification

      Two nights ago I attended a presentation at Mission Dolores Church sponsored by the San Francisco Chronicle called “A Changing Mission”. The discussion was based on a newspaper article and associated short film about the neighborhood. It’s well worth a quick look here.     Next week I’ll be in Lancaster, California to attend a similar … Continue reading Two Sides of the Same Coin: Decline and Gentrification

Urban Beekeeping

I started keeping honey bees on my roof here in San Francisco five years ago. I wanted chickens but my neighbors put the kibosh on that one. It was probably for the best. We have no actual soil – just a small patch of concrete between buildings which only gets partial sun. I decided that … Continue reading Urban Beekeeping