The Other Pitchforks

Some years ago I helped a friend plant a cherry tree in her back garden and we had a conversation about it. She specifically selected a tree that was bred to produce beautiful spring blossoms and gorgeous autumn foliage, but no actual cherries. She didn’t want cherries falling off the tree and staining the pavement. … Continue reading The Other Pitchforks

The Transect

Urban planners sometimes use the concept of the transect to categorize different kinds of envirnoments. For example, the Loop in Chicago is at one end of the spectrum and Montana is at the other. Absolutely everything can be placed somewhere along a continuum from most urban to most rural. Stilettos are exactly the right footwear … Continue reading The Transect

Edward Hopper’s Butte

I find myself drawn to semi-abandoned buildings in desolate locations. They have a sculptural quality that I appreciate. I like the light and shadows. And I love the way such places are both the ultimate destiny for much of the built environment as well as a tremendous source of possibility. These buildings and their general … Continue reading Edward Hopper’s Butte

Bulldoze It All

I spoke with a resident of Butte, Montana a couple of days ago who thought Detroit was so badly mismanaged that the entire city should just be bulldozed. I wandered around Butte and took photos and thought… hmmmmm. When they’re done with Detroit should the bulldozers start on Butte next? The same pattern of outward … Continue reading Bulldoze It All