A Better Way

My last post described how a town in Georgia spent an enormous amount of public money on a new civic center and road expansions, but somehow managed to devalue nearby private property in the process. Here’s an example of a neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee that took a different approach that cost a lot less and achieved … Continue reading A Better Way


Here’s a familiar situation in many towns. This happens to be Georgia, but it could be almost anywhere. Entire neighborhoods of small older homes have been passed over as the population migrated to newer suburban developments. . . . . These homes are so inexpensive that no bank will write a mortgage even if a … Continue reading Shotgun!

Pretty White Girls

When you see something once you don’t notice it. When you see it three times you think… hmmmm. When you see it thirty times in seven different states you realize it’s actually a thing. In this case the “thing” is pretty white girls used in advertisements for upscale apartment complexes in transitional neighborhoods. When developers … Continue reading Pretty White Girls