24 / 58

Many readers are familiar with the 8/80 urban planning meme. It’s a simple concept. Can an eight year old and an eighty year old each meet their daily needs on foot, possibly with the extension of a bicycle or a little public transport from time to time? Most North American communities fail this test. To … Continue reading 24 / 58


Each year an old university room mate comes to stay with me in San Francisco while he attends the Internet of Things (IoT) Convention in Silicon Valley. I like to tag along to see what the technoscenti are up to. Every year amid all the usual engineers and computer people looking to promote their products … Continue reading Blockchain

Silicon House

I recently visited friends for lunch at their new home in the suburbs south of San Francisco. It’s only thirty five miles from the city, but it feels oddly like another world. It’s as if a little piece of Los Angeles or San Diego had calved off and drifted up the California coast and beached … Continue reading Silicon House

Love Notes

  I returned to the suburbs fifty miles south of San Francisco yesterday to visit a friend at her home. That’s twice in one week. Each time I go I’m confronted with two discordant sets of emotions. On the one hand her home is spacious, clean, attractive, and very comfortable. She has a lovely back … Continue reading Love Notes

Working. Poor.

What exactly does the working class look like these days? There’s a lot written about it. People have all sorts of opinions on the topic. But what’s the reality? I’m in and out of a lot of homes in the neighborhood. Along the way I meet people busy doing work that doesn’t pay much in … Continue reading Working. Poor.